Creating a visual presence and visual voice to tell people about your brand.

Creating a visual presence and visual voice to tell people about your brand.

Guitarist and singer-songwriter. Best-selling global artist. From bullies, to being speech difficulties, and later becoming homeless. Ed Sheeran’s life story and subsequent rise to fame paints a picture of how the music industry as we know it has changed.

Eddie, also known as Teddy, took to posting his videos online in the early days of the internet. By sharing his work online, his music gained popularity and allowed people a way to know about him through these online platforms. It was on YouTube that his talent first attracted the public’s attention. Back then, artistes depended on getting their works and talent spotted by big-name record labels. Fast forward to today’s digital economy – while that juicy record deal is still something many artistes desire, there have since emerged multiple roads to get you to proverbial Rome.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have now enabled millions to have a voice on an international stage. Generating brand awareness can now be done through these online platforms, and attaining brand recall and retention is possible with an effective online strategy. Ed Sheeran isn’t the only artiste whose rise to fame was enabled by today’s digital platforms. Many musicians and singer-songwriters have harnessed the incredible opportunities that come with digital. The same opportunities to leverage on digital applies to companies growing their brand – gaining popularity is now more possible even if you’re up against the bigger boys, thanks to technology.

Companies can now showcase their visual voice in ways traditional media previously did not allow. Social Media posts can, for instance, can have a trademark look and feel. Some brands use colours and angles of photography to create a distinct look that allows people to recognise them at one glance. Think of yellow and blue, clean lines and witty copy – and IKEA may come to mind.

Take Ed Sheeran’s (Teddy) online visual voice, for instance – authentic, down-to-earth, and relatable. This is what works for today’s online users. The key is to establish your brand’s visual voice – one look, and the person will recognise that’s your brand and it’s your message they receive.

Brands can magnify positive aspects of their local culture to endear themselves to in-market users. Want positive engagement from your target audience? Think of how to showcase your company’s stories in a way that belongs to you. Find a distinctive style to guide your online presence. Brands benefit from creating a visual voice that has authenticity and a human touch as consumers steer away from corporate speak and business-speak. One way brands create a visual voice is to take a curated content approach. User-generated content is often seen as more genuine, hence, consumers are less cynical of content.

Want to know how you can create a recognisable visual voice for your brand? Curious to know what kind of visual voice can take your brand to the next phase of growth? We have created an effective visual voice for many of our clients. In one such case, we grew the number of page likes from zero to over 100,000 in just a month. Have a chat with us, we can make that a reality for you.